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Satisfied Homeowner

These vents have completely worked. Everything is calm in the toilets. I cannot believe it, this swishing has been going on for 16 years and a simple vent cover fixed the whole problem. Thanks for inventing this product.

Sincerely, Don

Blackmon Mooring Air Conditioning, Heating, & Plumbing

One of the main ways lightning enters homes and buildings is through wires or metal pipes that extend outside the structure. After it hits, it travels through the pipes and wiring which it contacts.

I have been an HVAC/plumbing contractor since 1976 and have recently seen the magnitude of damage where lightning struck metal B cap, a flue pipe protector. It traveled down the metal stack, jumping in and out of the copper tubing, into the furnace and then made its way to the two outside air-conditioning units before making a grand exit out of the contactor.

According to the insurance adjuster, this house was fortunate. Most others are not as fortunate. He further stated that a lightning strike of this magnitude usually burns the house to the ground. Losing you home, personal belongings, even possibly your own or family's life can be devastating. It can all be gone in one strike of lightning. What an eye opener this has been. I'll never look at metal venting and metal vent caps the same ever again.

On the 90 percent plus high-efficiency gas heating units and appliances such as high-efficiency hot water heaters and boilers, PVC pipes are used rather than metal and are topped off with E caps made of General Electric Geloy© resin which do not attract lightning. Because it does not conduct electricity, this is a better system than the 80 percent units which use metal vent stacks and metal caps.

John Bernardo Conti, Jr.
Certified HVAC/Plumbing Contractor
Blackmon Mooring Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing

OK State Mechanical Contractor License #5583
OK State Plumbing Contractor License #2970

Quail Creek Apartments

We recently purchased E-Caps for our entire complex and have been very pleased with our decision. There has been a substantial difference in work order calls because of this purchase. Oklahoma is well known for high winds and cottonwood trees, the protection the E-Cap offers from debris was only one of the reasons for our purchase. The possibility of rodent intrusion was diminished. We were also told by two plumbers about the long-term benefits this product will have on the overall plumbing of this property. The bonus feature of this product for our property was the curb appeal, we are in the middle of a remodel and the E-Cap gave a nice finish to the rooflines.

Quail Creek Apartments

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Rooter Man

I am Bill Noble of Southwest Oklahoma City, owner of Rooter Man Plumbing and have been a plumber for 36 years. I have seen a lot of squirrels caught in toilet vents. They crawl in and get stuck and drown and stop up toilets. On one occasion I got on the roof to unstop the vent. The lady of the house was on the roof watching me and when I ran a snake in the vent and pulled out a squirrel, she fell off the roof and landed in her swimming pool. As soon as fall comes, mating season begins for the squirrels. The female runs down the vent with three or four males chasing her. They all get stuck in the vents. Some even end up underneath the stool and try to come up inside the stool. When the vents are stopped up, the toilets won't flush. When people pour liquid plumber into the pipes, squirrels inside lose their hair and look like naked babies when they are pulled out. Leaves, tree limbs, twigs, and other debris also fall down the vent. A small amount of accumulation tends to stop up the pipes. The E-cap would help keep these articles out. It would work well on the PVC vent pipes.

Almost every winter I get squirrels out of the lines. Sometimes squirrels even get into the sewer line, can't turn around, and therefore, stop up the sewer line. An air vent, such as the E-cap would work well on any of the vent pipes. Before the E-cap was developed, the only advice I had to keep squirrels and other debris out of the pipes was to recommend covering the tops of the pipes with screen wiring. It's great to know of a product that really works and fits PVC pipes.

Bill Noble
Rooter Man

Tel: 405-409-8493

Satisfied Homeowner

Dear Mr. Temple:

A year ago when my air-conditioning system stopped working, I decided to have a 90 percent high-efficiency heating and air-conditioning unit installed with the understanding that with the soaring cost of gas usage my heating and cooling bills would not increase but could possibly even decrease.

Since I am up in years and the little irritations of life seem to be magnified, I wanted something that would be free of problems and something I would not have to think about. The contractor who installed the unit told me about an E-cap that could help protect my investment by eliminating a lot of debris from going into the pipes on my roof. After a period of time an accumulation of debris and other objects could cause problems with my new system. I asked my heating and air-conditioning contractor to install one.

I have gone through all the seasons with no problems with my system and with a decrease in monthly utility bills. I requested the contractor to come out and check the condensation from the system. I was pleased and amazed when he showed me the clean and clear condensation. I told him it looked clear enough to drink. I feel the cap has lived up to its purpose and that it is protecting my unit.

Thanks for a product that helps protect hard-earned investments.

Truly yours,
Elsaleen Henderson

Clauss H.V.A.C. Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

In the Summer of 2002 Clauss H.V.A.C., Inc. began a project in Lodi, NJ which consisted of 12 Town Homes. Each home has it's own heating and air conditioning system which required a condensation pump and flue pipe for any furnaces which are under 90% efficiency and can not be direct vented. Due to site problems there was stoppage in work which lasted for almost two years. The buildings were exposed to the North East weather environment including rain and snow. Of course the water found it's way into the exposed flue pipes that come out of the rooftops. It then travels down the flue pipe and came to rest in the condensation pump.

Winter of 2003 came and the temperatures in this part of the country are infamously freezing, with temperatures dipping into the teens and wind factor makes it feel as though it is 20 below zero everything freezes. Needless to say all of the water that made it's way into the condensation pumps froze, all of these pumps where destroyed and had to be replaced. This led not only to increased expenses for a project which was already beyond the anticipated date of completion but unnecessary tension between the owner and my company which is the H.V.A.C. company contracted by the owner.

If I had known of your product before this happened the owner would have saved money used to replace damaged material on a project which was already behind the expected date of completion. I would have saved the extra time (we all know time is money) my already busy company has so little of, to go back and replace pumps. Also I would not have to had dealt with an upset property owner. I am going to be insisting this product be used whenever I install a system has exposed flue pipe. Not only will everyone save time and money down the road, but will gain addition praise and improve on my already good reputation as an honest Heating and Air Conditioning contractor that not only charges fair prices but comes in and does the job right the first time.

Clauss H.V.A.C. Inc.
Sales, Service and Installations

Peak Industries

O'Connor Company, Inc

Dear Ken Brown:

Just had to let you know what we think of the e-cap. This is a great idea for our vent systems on our 90% furnaces. These caps have kept the leaves, cotton wood seeds, sticks and etc out of our vent pipes that have caused numerous blocked vents during the heating season. One thing for sure, the e-cap looks a lot better on the roof than the goose-neck configuration. How can anyone not like the e-cap with it's simplicity which proves to do so much good for the homeowner's furnace system, and is the right thing for the contractor to add to the total package.

Sincerely, Greg Westerman
Trane Field Service Rep.

O'Connor Company, Inc

Accountable Plumbing, LLC

To Home Owners:

I have been a plumber for several years and have encountered lots of problems with clogged PVC pipes. On numerous occasions, they were clogged with squirrels, birds, twigs, leaves, and/or various other sorts of debris. Squirrels are attracted to the pipes because of their burrowing nature. Since the PVC pipes are smooth, if a critter goes into the pipe, normally from the root, it is unable to claw its way up to the opening of the pipe; therefore, it dies inside and clogs the line. When the pipes get clogged, they can't vent properly and gases can't be released, causing backup in the plumbing, sometimes throughout the house. Getting the pipes unclogged can become very unpleasant for the plumber and expensive to the homeowner.

Installation of E-Caps on rooftop PVC pipes is the most effective means of eliminating this problem that I have come across. I call it the "wonder cap" because of its simplicity and effectiveness. I highly endorse the E-Cap for the prevention of clogged pipes.

President, Accountable Plumbing, LLC
"Service You Can Count On"

Tel: 405-315-4555

The ECAP321 is APPROVED in the United States and Canada by CSA International for use on 3 sizes (1½", 2" & 3") for use on plastic vent pipes from High Efficiency furnace installations with maximum outlet temperatures of 212 OF(100 OC)

Meet Pipey, the PVC Roof Vent Pipe

He has a problem. He has a HOLE at the Top. Debris gets down the hole. He feels sick, bloated, and clogged. You end up with a HUGE bill. SAVE hundreds of dollars and make Pipey feel much better for $8.95!

Meet Fit the Wonder Cap

Fit can solve your problems. Fit comes in three sizes, 1½", 2" and 3" and can solve your clogged vent problems.

ecap321 Certification Requirements:
Class & Description

  • - 3307-02 -
  • - 3307-82 -
    DRAFT EQUIPMENT Gas Vents Certified to U.S. Standards

Applicable Requirements:
Class & Description

  • - ULC 5636 -
    Standard for Venting Systems for Gas-Burning Appliances, Categories II, III, and IV
  • - ANSI/UL 1738-2000 -
    Standard for Venting Systems for Gas-Burning Appliances, Categories II, III, and IV
  • - ANSI Z21.47/CSA 2.3 -
    Gas-Fired Central Furnaces

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Until You Have A Problem

You probably won't notice him until you have a problem. Once debris gets down into your home's pipes and you have to call a Plumber or HVAC Contractor, it's too late - He feels sick, bloated, clogged, and you end up with a HUGE bill!

A Piping Solution For Years

Metal pipes have had a piping solution for years with a traditional galvanized or other metal cap. But when these caps are used on PVC pipes, such as Pipey, the metals interact with the PVC plastic and exhaust gases to produce ugly rust stains that can seep down and damage your roof covering.

While no one would argue the high quality and durability of PVC pipes, this popular home design omitted a simple solution that saves homeowners hundreds of dollars.

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