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Onslaught of nature's fury baffles homeowners

ECAP321 PVC Flue Cap Fits Three Sizes (1½", 2" and 3")
of PVC Pipe In One Cap

Home invasions are rising. Experiencing attacks from nature's raid, will you be prepared when, at any moment, you become nature's next target, when open pvc pipes become clogged. Your time and investment will be wasted when wasted with costly repairs. Home and businesses are proof that time was ticking before an attack on their investments. One business owner was shocked to find a bird nest in an open pvc pipe in an area with no trees, causing over $300 in repair because the roof vent pipe was open. A homeowner heard noises, called the plumber only to find a live squirrel in a pvc vent pipe. One family heard pounding noises coming from their furnace and started getting headaches. The cause: snow covered the vent pipes. Others heard ghost noises and gurgling caused by strong wind coming down their pvc vent pipe. A contractor lost thousands on a job. Cold prevailing winds and water entered the pvc vent pipe freezing the condensation pumps and had to be replaced.

In every instance time, money, health, safety, and/or sanity were lost due to problems which could have been avoided. Time became their enemy when the cohabitation of nature invaded. These baffled home and business contractors searched for a solution. The problems were eliminated when they found the E-cap and made a proactive investment in the midst of nature's attacks. Peace prevailed and time became their friend. How valuable is time to you? Do you think you can beat the unforeseen? Remember, while your world is moving, so is nature. Be proactive and guard all your vent pipes from nature's fury now or pay hundreds or even thousands in repairs. It's your call.

The ECAP321 is APPROVED in the United States and Canada by CSA International for use on 3 sizes (1½", 2" & 3") for use on plastic vent pipes from High Efficiency furnace installations with maximum outlet temperatures of 212 OF(100 OC)

Meet Pipey, the PVC Roof Vent Pipe

He has a problem. He has a HOLE at the Top. Debris gets down the hole. He feels sick, bloated, and clogged. You end up with a HUGE bill. SAVE hundreds of dollars and make Pipey feel much better for $8.95!

Meet Fit the Wonder Cap

Fit can solve your problems. Fit comes in three sizes, 1½", 2" and 3" and can solve your clogged vent problems.

ecap321 Certification Requirements:
Class & Description

  • - 3307-02 -
  • - 3307-82 -
    DRAFT EQUIPMENT Gas Vents Certified to U.S. Standards

Applicable Requirements:
Class & Description

  • - ULC 5636 -
    Standard for Venting Systems for Gas-Burning Appliances, Categories II, III, and IV
  • - ANSI/UL 1738-2000 -
    Standard for Venting Systems for Gas-Burning Appliances, Categories II, III, and IV
  • - ANSI Z21.47/CSA 2.3 -
    Gas-Fired Central Furnaces

Perfect for Heating, Plumbing, and Radon vents!
Promotes unrestricted air flow!

Until You Have A Problem

You probably won't notice him until you have a problem. Once debris gets down into your home's pipes and you have to call a Plumber or HVAC Contractor, it's too late - He feels sick, bloated, clogged, and you end up with a HUGE bill!

A Piping Solution For Years

Metal pipes have had a piping solution for years with a traditional galvanized or other metal cap. But when these caps are used on PVC pipes, such as Pipey, the metals interact with the PVC plastic and exhaust gases to produce ugly rust stains that can seep down and damage your roof covering.

While no one would argue the high quality and durability of PVC pipes, this popular home design omitted a simple solution that saves homeowners hundreds of dollars.

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